Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Big Foot Investments

Financial Trading Platform


An online tool for screening and selecting investments from more than 10,000 stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds and annuity sub accounts.

The system offers analytics and trading signals generated from proprietary machine learning algorithms that help advisors to develop portfolios and trading systems.

Texas Nameplate

ERP Development


A Web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. In addition to standard ERP and CRM features, the solution includes with several features based on business and artificial intelligence techniques.

The CRM includes a sales planning tool that uses regression analysis to make forecasts about both total sales and individual customer behavior. Individual customer forecasts are used to manage the firm’s proactive sales process. The ERP portion of the system includes inventory optimization based on a neural network inspired scoring system and a cutting plan system using discrete optimization techniques.

The Cliburn

Web Presence


THNK is working with The Cliburn to improve the reliability and flexibility, and lower the cost of their Web marketing initiatives. Their new solution includes a combination of migrations to external platforms, implementations of cloud technologies and a customized WordPress installation. The results have increased the productivity of the Cliburn’s staff while substantially lowering the cost of operations.

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